Using Equifax's extensive consumer and insurance claims data based will enable every decision you make – whether to cover, what to quote or even if a claim is legitimate

  • Quotation

    Your profitability depends on pricing policies appropriately. To do that you need an accurate assessment of the risk of a proposer making a claim.

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  • Policy Take-up

    Protect your business and your customers from fraud when converting proposers into policy holders.

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  • Customer Management

    Your customers are your greatest asset – and understanding them better is the key to maximising their value.

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  • Claims

    Every claim represents a risk for your business. Make sure you approach each one fully informed.

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  • Renewal

    Equifax processes millions of new and updated records every day – so with us, you can be sure you're always looking at the latest picture.

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  • Equifax Insurance Insights

    Superior consumer intelligence for your competitive advantage.

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Equifax Financial Stability

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