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  New Countries available for International Reports online
Six new countries are live and available for International Reports from today. New countries include Finland, Italy, Sweden, Luxembourg, Norway and Portugal. They are available at the same price as your existing international online reports.

Non Limited Service Enhancements
Our non-limited service has been enhanced with new functionality that improves linkages between the business you’re searching and potential links to Equifax Business Links, Directors and Disqualified Directors databases.

AML Report Improvements
Powerful new existence and identity checks using financial agreement data, Residential Address and Telephone data are now incorporated into our AML reports.


Equifax Blended

Introducing Equifax Blended. Developed to compliment a range of innovative Equifax premium business reports, Equifax Blended generates the perfect combination of commercial and consumer intelligence, in a single report.
Equifax Blended™ can help your company uncover new and profitable opportunities for business growth, with ease. Access to the extensive Equifax consumer information database can help you not only verify the identity of a business owner, but also assess their creditworthiness.
Learn More - Equifax Optima Blended - Equifax NewCorp Blended - Equifax NonLim Blended
Speak to your account manager or call 0845 603 3000 and ask about Equifax Blended
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The Equifax Credit Community
Our Credit Community offers real-time industry specific data including bounced cheques, letters before action and other payment and legal defaults

New – Snapshot report now contains Credit Communities data

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