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Equifax Credit Report and Score

Monitor your Equifax Credit Report, get tips on how you can improve your Equifax Score, and track its performance through alerts and our score tracker. Help protect your identity 24/7 with WebDetect

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Equifax Credit Report and Score

Your Equifax Credit Report, updated daily

Take control of your finances. Equifax can help you understand how lenders may view your creditworthiness through the many features available in the Equifax Credit Report & Score below.

Credit Score & Tracker

Credit Score & Tracker

Keep on top of your Equifax Credit Report with your Equifax Credit Score and Tracker.
Daily Credit Alerts

Daily Credit Alerts

With Equifax’s daily credit alerts, you’ll be notified of any changes to your Equifax Credit Report.
Hints & Tips

Hints & Tips

Your Equifax Credit Report is built for you with actionable, tailored hints and tips to help you make better financial decisions.
Traffic Light System

Traffic Light System

Our simple traffic light system highlights the areas of your Equifax Credit Report that might be affecting your creditworthiness positively or negatively.

Protect your identity with Equifax WebDetect & SocialScan

Equifax helps you keep your identity safer. Criminals can negatively affect your Equifax Credit Report & Score by opening accounts in your name. Our identity protection tools can help you act on these risks.

Equifax WebDetect

Equifax WebDetect

Identity theft can be big business for criminals. And sometimes, criminal actors can affect your credit score through activities such as opening accounts in your name. Part of the Equifax Credit Report & Score service, Equifax WebDetect is an identity protection tool to help you identify and prevent these crimes.
Equifax SocialScan

Equifax SocialScan

SocialScan searches across social media platforms to determine what personal information about you is publicly accessible, thereby assessing your risk. It also offers useful tips to help improve your social media identity protection. 

What is a Credit Report?

How credit report and scores work video

Detailed Product Features

Unlimited Credit Score access
Access your credit score anytime, the score is refreshed once daily when you sign in.
Credit Score Tracker
Monitor and visualise your score over time.
Credit Report Alerts
You’ll know if changes occur to your credit report, as we’ll be monitoring it and notifying you with custom daily alerts.
Credit Report Traffic Light System
Easy to follow traffic light system, which enables you to identify the information in your credit report that may have a negative impact on your ability to get credit.
Credit Report Hints & Tips
Actionable hints and tips within your report and guidance on financial well-being.

Access tools that monitor the dark web 24/7 for your personal and financial information that may have been stolen. We scan suspected websites used by fraudsters and alert you if we find your information.
An Identity protection tool that searches social media sites to see what personal information is publicly available with information that could compromise your identity.

Instant access to latest Credit Report
Upon signing up and completing ID verification, get instant access to your full Equifax Credit Report online.
Historical Credit Report
Access to archived reports to view and print an historical credit report.

Support from Customer Care Team
Our experienced and trained support team is available between 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday (excluding 25th and 26th December) to assist you with any queries. you may have. Alternatively, you can check FAQs and raise a query using our online portal.
Knowledge Centre
Our Knowledge Centre is packed full of useful articles on Loans and Credit, Debt Management, Mortgages, Identity Protection and Money Management and much more.

Frequently asked questions

Your credit score is a numerical value that is calculated based on your credit history. The score gives you an indication of your creditworthiness to lenders when you apply for a credit card, loan or mortgage.

In the UK, there is no universal score that is used by lenders or credit reference agencies (CRAs). This means that each CRA or lender will have its own scoring model, making each outcome slightly different.

By signing up for Equifax’s Credit Report & Score, you will have access to both your credit report and credit score. The service is free for 30 days and then £14.95 a month. You can cancel at any time.

Regular monitoring of your credit report is one way to help prevent identity theft as it presents you with your financial profile with which you can spot suspicious activities or discrepancies. Plus, with Equifax’s WebDetect and SocialScan, you can monitor your personal information across the dark web and social media. Find out more on how to protect your identity in our Knowledge Centre.

You can check your Equifax Credit Score by signing up for the Equifax Credit Report & Score. The service is free for 30 days and then £14.95 a month. You can cancel at any time. The service shows you your current Equifax Credit Score and gives tips on how to help improve it. You’ll have unlimited access to your Equifax Credit Report meaning you can look at it as many times as you want to without affecting your Equifax Credit Score.

What’s considered a good score can differ between credit reference agencies (CRAs) and lenders. Your Equifax Credit Score is between 0-1000 and is calculated using information within your credit report. This gives you an indication of how lenders may view your creditworthiness. A variety of factors can affect your credit score such as timely payments and history of credit repayment.