Address Check: Helping to prevent financial fraud



The latest innovation to have come from our data and analytics team in the UK is Address Check, a solution that can help you assess financial activity data in order to better identify and prevent fraud. 


Address Check uses our advanced analytics platform to identify addresses where there is financial activity that may be indicative of fraudulent behaviour.


Delivered as a monthly file or available as an append service, Address Check can be used to flag addresses where further investigation may be required prior to offering or extending services.


In order to help you understand the type of activity present at a property, Address Check is appended with a range of characteristics including number of accounts and number of entities present at a property.


The benefits of Address Check:

  • Reduce the losses resultant from fraudulent applications by identifying properties that have potentially fraudulent activity present.

  • Improve efficiencies by identifying properties that may require additional validation prior to offering services.

  • Reduce exposure to risk by monitoring activity across your customer base.


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