Introducing the Credit Trends app 

Track and compare your performance to influence strategic change.



At the beginning of the year we launched Equifax Ignite, our powerful suite of big data and analytics solutions that help our customers manage data across the full analytical life-cycle. These solutions help businesses garner more meaning from data and therefore uncover opportunities to innovate and improve. Part of the Ignite suite are the Ignite apps which are accessed through our online Marketplace. These apps help people in all areas of a business visualise and interpret their data in an always on, accessible way, to make faster, smarter decisions.


Well, we’ve just launched our latest Ignite app - Credit Trends.


Credit Trends is a portfolio-level benchmarking service that provides insight into your performance and compares this against your peers and your industry. Delivering insights through anonymous, monthly snapshots of data, Credit Trends gives you a clear view of how your customer credit accounts are performing in context with the broader market.


Knowing how your portfolios are performing compared to your competitors and your industry can help you identify where your business strategies may need adjusting to improve performance.  Ongoing monitoring ensures you identify any further changes in a timely way.


To find out more about the benefits of Credit Trends, download the brochure or contact us using the link below.


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