Why tenants now have an even bigger reason to report their rent payments

CreditLadder has signed a partnership with Equifax, one of the world’s largest credit reference agencies, enabling tenants who use our platform to have their rent payments added to Equifax’s credit file.


The deal allows tenants to improve their credit score via their on time rent payments and CreditLadder is the first tenant rent reporting platform in the UK to work with Equifax.


This partnership means our users’ rent payments will now automatically appear in Equifax’s Statutory Reports and the Equifax services used by lenders to help make lending decisions. Equifax is used by many of the leading banks including Barclays, Halifax/Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Natwest and RBS.


This announcement follows another recent milestone for CreditLadder, which has now reported rents worth over £150 million helping thousands of tenants improve their financial health and helping them to access a wider range of affordable financial products.


Sheraz Dar, CEO of, says: “Equifax is one of the best-known credit reference agencies in the world and working with them to help tenant’s improve their credit score is a major step forward for our users and also for our platform.”


Neil Lewis, Head of Data Management for Europe at Equifax, says: “Historically rental repayments have not contributed to a consumer's credit rating. Given the proportion of consumers that rent, and given that rental payments are a significant financial commitment, we’re delighted to be working with CreditLadder to add rent repayments into an individual’s credit file which will enable greater financial inclusion for consumers and a more rounded view for lenders.”


How does CreditLadder work?


Tenants have their rent payments read by CreditLadder using Open Banking enabled APIs. This allows the tenant to have their rental payments added to their credit file, and ultimately help improve their credit score.


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