Equifax UK committed to supporting consumers and businesses
A message from Patricio Remon, President of Europe:

“Alongside the government and our clients, we want to help households that are feeling financial strain as a result of coronavirus. Equifax is offering guidance to lenders and credit providers so that they can respond to consumers’ requests for forbearance in a way that minimises the impact on credit files.”
Useful Resources
Responsible consumer lending
A 45 minute webinar for lenders identifying how lenders can adapt to the current crisis and continue lending responsibly.
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Identify and Manage Vulnerability
We explore ways that businesses can deliver fairer outcomes for consumers by understanding who is potentially vulnerable and who is not.
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Onboarding at Speed
This short blog looks at how businesses can enable universal access to services by using digital methods now face to face contact is minimised.
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Business Health Characteristics
Characteristics that help commercial lenders improve their assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on SMEs
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Practical products and solutions

Equifax UK is committed to helping businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and our team is here to help businesses meet the additional demands. To assist, we've highlighted key products or solutions that we believe will offer the most value during these times due to their capabilities or their speed of deployment.


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Open Banking Debt Insights
Save time on I&E assessments through the use of Open Banking data during the collections or recovery process.
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Identity Verifier
Continue the provision of credit without face to face interaction through secure online identity verification.
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Combat Fraud
A selection of products designed to help businesses fight fraudulent activity to protect themselves and their customers.
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Open Banking Commercial Insights
Check a business's eligibility and suitability for CBILS with real-time insight using Open Banking data


At Equifax, we know that your business may be in a turbulent time right now but we’re here to support wherever and however we can. If you need assistance with meeting the demands that COVID-19 is causing you then please talk to us and we will do everything within our power to help. We’re here to help. 

We are working with our customers, industry bodies and supporting consumers during COVID-19 by:

  • Helping businesses provide the support that potentially vulnerable customers need, when they need it most.
  • Helping businesses improve contact rates, arrears management and forbearance for those struggling to pay.
  • Supporting the implementation of new guidance to minimise the change to consumer credit files.
  • Staying aware of trends and understanding sector performance and the impacts this will have on customer portfolios.

We are here to help on the end of an email or phone call should you need us. If you’re not already a customer but would like support then send us a message.


If your customers are worried or concerned about credit files and scores we would recommend looking through our Knowledge Centre which has a wide range of additional information and educational support.