UK Leadership

Headshot for Patricio Remon

Patricio Remon

President - Europe

As President for Europe, Patricio leads the UK and Ireland and Iberia businesses at Equifax. He has been with the organisation for over 12 years and prior to taking up his current position has held a number of Equifax leadership roles, including General Manager of Peru and Ecuador.

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John Garside

Vice President of Human Resources - Europe and TDX Group

John provides HR leadership to the core business units and operating functions as well as translating business strategy/objectives into HR initiatives, priorities and tactical plans.

Headshot for Tony Banks

Tony Banks

Vice President of Operations UK & Ireland

Tony joined the Equifax UK leadership team in 2019, having served the previous 31 years at Royal Bank of Scotland. He spent the last ten years with RBS running the Operational Customer Services business - leading and managing large teams, driving transformational change and adoption of new technologies.

Headshot for Johanna Edwards

Johanna Edwards

Vice President of Sales

Johanna joined Equifax in 2011 and is currently responsible for the sales function. She is accountable for setting and executing vertical strategies for growth across several verticals including finance, automotive, debt, utilities, government, alliances, retail and SME.

Steve Reeve

Chief Compliance Officer

Steve joined Equifax in 2018 having worked in the regulated financial services industry all of his career and leading compliance and risk management teams for the last 10 years. He heads up the Compliance function focused on FCA regulation; helping the business deliver great customer outcomes within a culture that focuses on the customer and doing the right thing, all the time.

Headshot for Paul Heywood

Paul Heywood

Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Paul has been part of the Equifax team since 2006 during which time he has held various roles across our data and analytics organisation. Currently, Paul is responsible for data management, data strategy and ensuring both clients and Equifax optimise business value through analytics.

Headshot for Peter Nota

Peter Nota

Vice President, Business Information Security, Europe

Peter re-joined Equifax in 2020, having previously held a senior information security role until 2011 at which stage he'd been with Equifax for 13 years. Peter is responsible for all information security activities across the European Businesses. Peter has extensive experience of leading security teams across the financial services, retail and distribution sectors.

Headshot for Daniel Fox

Daniel Fox

Vice President of European Strategy, Planning and Execution

Daniel is responsible for shaping our overall business strategy, developing coherent business-wide delivery plans and ensuring successful cross functional execution to achieve our organisational goals. Daniel has been with Equifax for over seven years in a variety of Programme, Portfolio Management and Strategy roles.

Headshot for Suzanne Brown

Suzanne Brown

UK Senior Financial Officer

Suzanne joined Equifax in 2007 and has a strong commercial finance background in financial services and telecoms sectors. She now leads the finance and risk teams across the UK CRA & Debt Services business, responsible for strategy, forecast process, investment decisions, statutory reporting/US filing and Sox compliance.

Headshot for James Atkin

James Atkin

General Counsel - Europe

James joined Equifax in 2014, having led legal and compliance teams in financial and legal services. He is responsible for the delivery of all legal advice to the European business.

Headshot for Jeremy Lewis

Jeremy Lewis

European Chief Technology Officer

Jeremy joined Equifax in 2018 and not long after joined the UK Leadership team as CTO. Throughout his career he has held Senior IT Leadership positions in the Financial Services, Manufacturing and Automotive sectors and has a proven track record in delivering large scale technology and transformation programmes.

Headshot for Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor

UK General Manager, Equifax Global Consumer Solutions

Steve joined Equifax in 1997, starting out as a Senior Consultant, going on to become Head of Product Department and then Product Strategy Director. In 2011, Steve took responsibility for alliances and M&A in Europe, including the acquisition of TDX Group in 2014. Since then he has taken the lead in driving the Global Consumer Solutions business forward.

Jayadeep Nair

Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Equifax

Jayadeep joined Equifax in 2019 and is responsible for overseeing all product and marketing activities within the UK and Ireland business. He has over two decades of experience in financial services across product and propositions development. Jayadeep joined the business from Amazon where he was Head of Payment Acceptance and Experience, Europe. Prior to this, he held senior product management roles within a host of blue-chip companies; including Worldpay and American Express.