Assess a customer’s ability to take on incremental debt

The Equifax-FICO alliance helps you to better assess a customer’s ability to manage additional credit.

With the Credit Capacity Index Score (CCI) score, you will be able to take a more forward-looking view of credit risk and grow your customer portfolios without extending credit increases to customers who will be unable to manage the additional debt.


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Credit Capacity Index™, a joint solution between Equifax and FICO Inc., provides lenders with an effective mechanism for assessing a customer’s ability to take on incremental debt. This analytic solution differentiates customers with similar risk scores and profiles by predicting consumer sensitivity to potential additional debt.
  • Meet creditworthiness and affordability regulatory requirements
  • Improve risk management decisions across the entire life cycle
  • Identify and screen-out those who appear to have poor creditworthiness before accepting them as customers
  • Refine risk-based pricing, product assignments and terms
  • Identify any potential at-risk consumers and structure loan modifications to match customers' debt capacity