Commercial insight

Insight into organisations and the people who run them is vital when making business decisions: is the company stable, are they likely to pay you on time, is it a ‘phoenix’ company, are the directors genuine or is there a hidden link or other information that could cause problems?

We provide the perfect combination of commercial and consumer insights to help you:

  • Reduce commercial risk
  • Make better and more informed lending decisions
  • Have increased understanding of the performance of your business portfolio
  • On board and assist customer management

Our range of Commercial reports can support your decisions on who to do business with by providing comprehensive information about a company and its directors.

With Equifax Commercial Reports you can:

  • Protect your organisation from fraud
  • Make quick, comprehensive financial checks on potential customers and suppliers
  • Access in-depth data from a single, trusted and reliable source

BusinessConnect is also a powerful solution providing your client-facing teams with improved customer visibility. It’s a revolutionary end-to-end solution that offers a seamless, comprehensive customer view to all teams by infusing the quote-to-cash workflow with robust functionality for customer relationship management, credit and collections.

All teams gain real-time access to prospect and customer information from a shared, integrated platform to help your organisation reduce financial risk, boost overall operating efficiencies and deliver a higher level of customer service and support.

Featured Products and Solutions
Commercial Credit Reports
Comprehensive, accurate, real-time commercial information
Business Insights
Real-time commercial and consumer insights for the commercial lending and credit market
AML Commercial
Generates an AML profile specific to a commercial entity to help protect your business