Product Overview

ConnectSelect is a consumer marketing database, consisting of more than 40 million records, aimed at companies whose business depends on access to accurate, timely and high-quality data.

ConnectSelect is compiled from recognised ‘best of breed’ data sources and is built monthly on a backbone of data from the Edited Electoral Roll, Rolling Register and Infill data.

To further ensure accuracy, completeness and recency, ConnectSelect data is cross-validated and screened against the latest version of Equifax disConnect, our leading ‘goneaway’ suppression file, prior to release.

  • Over 40 million quality consumer prospect names
  • Guaranteed recent data, updated monthly to aid dynamic contact strategies
  • Collated from multiple sources of information, de-duped, verified and compiled, giving a comprehensive prospect pool and list rental solution

ConnectSelect contains more than 350 individual and household level characteristics, categorised as follows:

  • Residency Indicators: These provide residency information on an individual, their family and the household
  • Demographics: These describe the individual, family and household, by the most common population characteristics
  • Credit Data: Over 100 characteristics that provide a detailed view of an individual’s financial status

Our ConnectSelect data is further enhanced by more than 400 postcode-level characteristics that provide further information on the area where a prospect resides.

ConnectSelect offers powerful and unique characteristics that can optimise both the selection and screening processes of any organisation, thereby ensuring that you only target the prospects most likely to respond.

This, combined with the unique name and address data contained within ConnectSelect, results in a prospect pool solution that can deliver better campaign responses and improved conversion rates.