Product Overview

Our analysis suggests that, in any one year, companies lose contact with up to 15% of their customer base through changes in customer circumstances.

disConnect allows you to screen your databases, helping you put up-to-date customer information at the heart of your direct marketing.

Screening marketing databases and mailing lists for gone-aways, deceased and do not mail/opted out individuals is crucial to a campaign’s success. disConnect can help maximise response rates and ensure that mailings are not sent to people who no longer reside at the supplied address.

disConnect is an extensive gone-away suppression file, consisting of over 45 million records, covering more than 10 years of movers. The file is updated daily and supplied monthly, ensuring that you have the most accurate and recent suppressions that can then be applied to mailing campaigns.

This can help you improve your marketing activity, campaign success, spend and ROI.