Document Verifier

On-board new customers quickly and securely using real-time online ID verification

Product Overview

By automating ID capture and verification you can replace a time consuming, and potentially inconsistent, manual process with a fast, standardised, high quality alternative.

Instead of asking your customers to provide proof of ID, either via post, email or by bringing it to a branch, a simple scan will capture an image of the ID document and verify its validity.

Equifax Document Verifier unites biometric facial recognition and document verification in one solution. This helps you to match the holder of the identity with the document they have used to validate their ID.

  • Perform real-time ID checks by capturing the details of official documents via your customers’ mobile device or webcam
  • Instantly match the document holder to the identity using biometric facial recognition
  • Reduce customer friction and speed up customer on-boarding
  • Reduce the administrative burden and risk of fraud associated with manual document verification
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