Device Verifier

Helping you to protect against fraud during online transactions

Product Overview

Equifax Device Verifier is a market-leading device recognition and reputation solution, powered by iovation.

This helps protect you against fraud when transacting with your customers online. It assesses the risks associated with the device by uncovering the relationships between associated devices and accounts and checking it against a global shared database, revealing fraudulent activities related to the device or any associated devices.

Device reputation checks are performed in real time according to the fraud and abuse types you identify as affecting your sector and posing the most risk to your online business.

Leveraging the world’s largest cross-sector database of more than 20 million (and growing) verified fraud and abuse events, and 2 billion devices, you receive the information you need within seconds.

This helps you to limit your exposure to fraud and authenticate new and trusted customers without adding delays to your customers’ experience.

Data is provided by member organisations on a reciprocal basis to flag where the device has been used inappropriately. Leveraging this cross-sector evidence significantly increases the potential for you to identify fraud.

Equifax Device Verifier is part of the Equifax Progressive Authentication suite which allows you to perform a series of ID and fraud checks without slowing down or disrupting your customer’s journey.

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