Identity Verifier
The market leader in ID verification and authentication

Product Overview

Equifax Identity Verifier is the market leader in providing reliable, robust and instant customer validation and authentication.

It makes it faster and easier to increase the number of profitable customers that you do business with.

Through a two-stage process a person's ID will be verified – confirming the ID exists – and authenticated – that the ID belongs to the person presenting it.

It will help you take control of your ID strategy to:

  • Form a major part of regulatory compliance
  • Reduce the exposure to fraud
  • Create competitive advantage through the delivery of superior customer service

Equifax Identity Verifier includes tools and sophisticated functionality that we believe are superior in the market. These include:

Linked Addresses

Equifax Identity Verifier overcomes issues with files that have little or no information by using current and previous address data as well as questions relating to Linked Addresses that have not been supplied by your customer. This will enable higher pass rates.

Simulated Questions

Designed to deter potential fraudsters, a range of Automated and Simulated Questions – those based on ‘shared secret' information and including a ‘none of the above' option – can be customised to meet your sector needs. These simulated questions help provide reliable and instant customer verification and authentication.

Equifax Identity Verifier can be:

  • Integrated into an online application process
  • Used on a shop floor whilst a customer is present
  • Accessed in a call centre by an agent of the client interacting with the customer

Many of the features can be configured to your needs to best suit the:

  • Customer experience you want to provide
  • Value of the products you are selling
  • Way you sell your products

There is huge flexibility in deciding which questions to present and how these are presented in order to deliver the best pass rate for your business and onboard good customers.

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