Product Overview

Equifax Insurance Insights delivers one of the most comprehensive suites of credit, identity and claim data in the UK.

Designed for all stages of the customer lifecycle, our insurance specific data and solutions means you can make more informed decisions at each customer touch point helping you to improve your customers’ experience and your operating ratios.

Credit Insights Online
Our online solutions provide real-time access to predictive Consumer and Commercial data with a level of granularity that enables you to build more accurate profiles of your customers - from validating their identity to assessing their data at any associated addresses or aliases.

Also available are Equifax ID characteristics: a proven predictor of claims, particularly fraudulent claims.

Credit Insights Offline
Our Credit Insights Offline service delivers a view of the UK population as a batch data file to be held in-house.  Unique in the marketplace, over 800 individual and postcode level characteristics are available within this service -updated and supplied to you monthly.

This offline file offers rapid response times and the ability for you to control the availability of data and your budget.

Claim Insights – Accessing CUE Claims Data
Claim Insights provides access to a consumer's claims history from the CUE claims database consisting of over 34 million claims. 

Available from quotation to fraud investigation, our unique enhancements to the CUE claims data have resulted in the addition of over 80 million linked addresses and 8 million aliases.  All supported by 200 claim characteristics designed to identify potential claimants and summarise previous claims history.

Our flexible solutions also allow you to combine credit and claim data in one search ensuring you have the information you need to enable more accurate premium setting, decrease the cost of fraud, and to attract and retain the optimal customer mix.  All supported by our insurance specialists who will ensure your solution is built and maintained to meet your business needs.