Product Overview

There are more than 64 million people in the UK, all with different attitudes, financial status and at different stages of their lives. Therefore it’s clear that any organisation that treats everyone the same is unlikely to be meeting the needs of their customers or indeed their own business.

To help you communicate more effectively with your clients and prospects we have created Equifax Investor Profiles, a customer segmentation tool for the financial services market.

It can help you identify which of your customers are engaged with investment products allowing you to better focus your marketing efforts and improve results.

Equifax Investor Profiles is easy to apply and based on directly measured (as opposed to survey based) investment sales data. It clusters every postcode into one of 58 segments and identifies people by their life-stage, household composition, affluence and investment purchase behaviour. Equifax Investor Profiles scores can be used to enhance existing segmentation models as well as providing a brand new view.

This allows you to speak to your customers in the right way, providing them with the right product at the right time.

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