Utilities Solutions

Providing expert insight and solutions into the utilities market

Helping you build a complete view of your customers

We understand the many challenges facing water and energy providers today, including regulatory requirements, increasing competition in supply, and the need to achieve cost efficiencies to remain profitable.

Therefore the need to better identify, understand, target and manage customers has never been more important, especially to identify new opportunities for income generation, effective customer management and proactive fraud, collections and recoveries strategies.


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Our solutions can help you build a complete view of your customers which can help you to:

  • Understand and identify who your customers are as well as locate bad debtors
  • Treat customers fairly by using this insight within your processes
  • Help identify those customers who may be financially vulnerable
  • Create effective collections strategies whilst reducing the costs of recovering debt
  • Provide improved customer service and minimize cost to serve
  • Ultimately protect revenue by offering the correct tariff or payment terms

Our roperty Insights procuct provides intelligence and insight into your customers’ residential circumstances.

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