Product Overview

Segmentation is vital for effective campaigns, allowing you to target customers with more personalised messages, treating them more as individuals, while still maintaining operational efficiency.

Equifax Wealth Profiles clusters every UK postcode into one of 12 segments, identifying groups of people by their life stage, household composition and affluence. The 12 segments each have a number of micro-segments which provide more granularity and detailed descriptions of the types of people living there.

Each postcode was analysed to determine its level of wealth based on factors including income levels, property values and credit utilisation.

Whether you are looking to improve engagement with your existing customers, enhance cross-sell and up-sell activities, or generate new leads, Equifax Wealth Profiles can help you target your marketing spend and activity more effectively. You can also identify which groups you should be engaging more actively with, which prospects to follow up more vigourously and, just as importantly, which people not to target because better results could be achieved elsewhere.

If you have information on value of sales, responses to marketing activity, website activity, or other outcome metrics you can quickly and easily identify your best customers and prospects to achieve optimum results.

Built at postcode level, Equifax Wealth Profiles offers excellent matching to existing customer or prospect databases, and does not require personal data for use.