Product Overview

Insolvency Navigator helps you better assess and predict your customers’ risk of becoming insolvent. Through combining a wealth of credit data the insight it provides can then be used to help create effective debt management strategies.

Our analysis into personal insolvencies in the UK has allowed us to identify those characteristics and behaviours specific to insolvent individuals. This information is delivered through Insolvency Navigator, helping you to better assess and predict the likelihood of your customers becoming insolvent. This helps you implement the most effective risk management strategies to avoid bad debt and financial loss.

Insolvency Navigator can play an important role in your risk management strategies across every aspect of your customer management lifecycle. It can provide an additional filter for new credit applications, as well as enabling more effective customer management and cross-selling activity by removing higher risk individuals from extended credit.

It can also play a vital part in ongoing account management, including identifying candidates for credit limit freeze or reduction, and helping collections to be more effectively targeted by focusing on the high risk defaulters first with appropriate management.

Insolvency Navigator provides you with insight into your customers to make more informed, accurate and timely customer management decisions.

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