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Letting Sector Solutions

We offer a range of tools to help you better manage the tenant lifecycle; from verifying their identity, to confirming bank details and helping you trace any tenants that might have absconded.

Our reports are available online, offering you instant access to detailed and accurate information to help you let property with confidence and security.


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Equifax Tenancy Verification allows instant decisions without requiring the tenant to provide paper proof of identity, limiting the risk of theft, loss and fraud, and reducing admin times and costs.

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Linked Addresses enables you to search for other addresses directly associated with the tenant to help obtain further information. This can assist you in making more informed decisions about your prospective tenants.

ID Plus provides you with an overview of the tenant’s credit accounts at the provided address summarising the number, type, status, age and unique providers of their credit accounts. This helps you verify the applicant’s identity and their residency at the given address.

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A comprehensive and versatile service that quickly verifies a tenant’s identity then confirms whether their bank account details are correct. This will help you to confidently accept direct debits and reduce the risk of fraud.

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Equifax Locate delivers collections insights including scoring and skip trace tools. It provides a quick, reliable and flexible way to help better identify an absconded tenant’s whereabouts and enables you to start a collections process focused on any outstanding debt which can help significantly improve your cash flow.

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