Progressive Authentication

A suite of leading ID and fraud products

Do more business with genuine customers

Equifax Progressive Authentication allows you to do more business with genuine customers and screen out fraudsters in a single automated process.

Equifax Progressive Authentication is a configurable suite of ID and fraud products accessed through an single interface that helps you to:

  • On-board more customers quickly
  • Reduce fraud
  • Comply with regulation
  • Plug in the latest ID and fraud innovations

Equifax Progressive Authentication can deliver any combination of:

  • Equifax Bank Account Verifier
  • Equifax Device Verifier
  • Equifax Fraud Protector

Our software can be configured to pull in different checks, dependent on the value of the product and your estimated risk to your business. For a low risk sales channel and a low value product, you may only want to run two kinds of checks. For high value products and higher risk channels, you’ll probably want the most thorough checks across the board, maximising the power of all types of data.

Equifax Progressive Authentication provides you with one result – pass or fail – and will even let you know where an application failed, so you can decide whether or not to progress it or what remedial action is needed.


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Avoid mistakes when setting up direct debits, reduce associated costs and increase sales. Equifax Bank Account Verifier is a comprehensive and versatile service that quickly verifies a customer’s identity and confirms whether the bank account details provided are correct and valid.

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Equifax Device Verifier helps to protect you against fraud when transacting with customers online. It assesses the risks associated with the device by uncovering the relationships between associated devices and accounts and checking it against a global shared database, revealing fraudulent activities related to the device or any associated devices.

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By accessing data from a number of sources including National SIRA, Equifax Fraud Protector can provide you with view third-party insights to strengthen the picture you have of your customers. You can set, and change, the rules, so they’re most appropriate to your business.

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