Product Overview

reConnect can help you maintain an up-to-date view of your customer and prospect data, even when customers have changed their address.

We identify and provide a linked address for an individual, so that organisations like yours are able to maintain contact with the customer, despite a change of address. This can help you to reconnect with lost customers, track ‘gone-aways’ and find new prospects.

Our analysis suggests that, in any one year, clients lose contact with up to 15% of their customer base through changes in customer circumstances. This means that, in most businesses, the actual customer base is significantly lower than the names on the customer database.

The rationale for using reConnect is simple and twofold:

  • It is usually far easier to reactivate a customer with whom you already have a relationship than it is to acquire one cold
  • It allows you to convert suppressed records into live customer records.

reConnect can help you:

  • Find customer and prospect ‘gone-aways’ at their new address
  • Turn suppressed records into live customer records
  • Validate information against your current data sources
  • Increase your response rates

Additionally, by linking Equifax reConnect addresses to the Equifax disConnect suppression file, we are able to turn potentially suppressed records into valid and valuable new data that will ensure ongoing communications with existing customers.