All young people should go to University! Really? Should they?

The Equifax Student Debt Divide is here to arm you with the facts to empower you to make the right decision!


60% of students don’t consider a student loan as a form of borrowing. While your student loan isn’t reported on your credit report, you still have to pay it back if your future earnings meet the criteria.


On average, people first accessed their credit report at 20 years old, with the main reasons for accessing the credit report being curiosity about their credit score (46%) and wanting to find out how it could be improved (26%). One in twenty (6%) accessed their credit report because they had been refused credit including mobile phone contracts or holiday loans.


At the point of graduating university, those who took out a loan (either maintenance or tuition) say they were, on average, £28,275.50 in debt.

The statistics above were gathered in December 2021 through an online survey of 2,000 people aged between 18-28.

“You shouldn’t be scared of your finances, there are so many different features and services out there now that you realise you don’t actually have to do it alone”

- Elvire Matu -

Jordan Green @jaystips and Elvire Matu @savewithelvs react to assumptions on money, credit scores, education and more.

Meet the influencers

Equifax teamed up with Jordan Green @jaystips and Elvire Matu @savewithelvs to bring you the Student Debt Divide. We asked 2,000 young people a range of questions on credit scores, financial education and money. Find out what the influencers thought in our video.

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