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Equifax’s reputation as a UK and international money expert is well regarded within the financial sphere. We enable consumers and businesses alike and are widely acknowledged as a forerunner in information solutions with one of the most comprehensive commercial and consumer data sets. The combination of this data with the expertise of Equifax’s trusted staff, our specially developed exclusive technology and our ability to analyse and advise to the highest degree, has created a company worthy of its S&P 500® membership and invokes confidence in our customers.

At Equifax we are highly attuned to our customers’ needs and as a leading UK credit expert we provide advice across multiple sectors from insurance, finance, credit cards and banking to retail and telecommunications in both corporate and consumer domains. We continually strive for excellence resulting in renewed and progressive information solutions which are then vigorously applied in every facet of our work, transforming our services into tangible value for our customers.

Company History

Cator WoolfordEquifax has long been established as a money expert since its earliest realisation in Cator Woolford’s grocery in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1898. Woolford’s first endeavor was assembling a list of customers whom he considered to be worthy of a credit agreement which he then circulated to other traders.

The fledgling company was made official later the same year and under the direction of Cator Woolford and his brother they began trading using the name ‘Retail Credit Company’ on March 22nd. In the company’s first 15 years its proficiency was expanded into insurance -related business, car insurance and even fire insurance. It had expanded onto the international stage by 1913 and was re-branded as Retail Credit Company, Inc.

The company was consistently ahead of its competitors, working towards automation and converting files from index cards to electronic data systems. In 1979 the company name was changed to Equifax Inc, as it is now known. Our name was chosen to reflect the company’s commitment to providing customers with equitable factual information, a pledge that is still adhered to today.

Throughout the 70s and the 80s Equifax continued to expand, acquiring other data companies and pooling their resources to become the data centric company it is today and adding another string to its bow: marketing. Customers were also given the opportunity to access their own credit reports and amend any errors found, as a result the data became inherrantly more trustworthy and reliable.

By the 1990s, Equifax was starting to make a name for itself as a credit expert in the UK. Achieving an industry first, we opened a customer service centre providing information in eight languages and promising to investigate disputes within 30 days, reflecting a commitment to the customer experience that sets the standard for today’s practice.

We can trace our roots back over 100 years, tracking the advances of Equifax in the finance, technology and marketing arenas. Each phase has played an important role in informing our current business strategy including the importance we place on transparency, which continues to inspire and empower our customers, reassuring and enriching the performance of businesses and the lives of their customers too.