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  Search Enhancements
Search capabilities have been enhanced with the introduction of postcode searching for companies and businesses along with date of birth and postcode searching on directors. This will enable more accurate search results and assist in identifying multiple director entries and company links to dissolved businesses.

New Countries available for International Reports online
Equifax has introduced six new countries to its online services. Instant reports for companies in Finland, Italy, Sweden, Luxembourg, Norway and Portugal are available.

Non Limited Service Enhancements
Our non-limited service has been enhanced to improve connections between the business you’re searching and other companies and businesses


AML Checks

Equifax Commercial AML is one of the most powerful and robust online business Anti-Money Laundering service available in the UK.
Due diligence is an important part of any acquisition process and you’ll be aware of the risks from not carrying out sufficient checks. Equifax Commercial AML is quick and easy to use, and references a range of trusted data sources including Companies House, credit agreement information and HM Treasury and OFAC sanctions. This means you can complete the process - end-to-end - in less than a minute.
Equifax Commercial AML can help you to ensure that a client is who they say they are; that they are good for the business being undertaken and they will not expose the business to risk. Our solution will help to protect you from the risk of crime as much as the risk of a debt going bad.
To learn more about Equifax Commercial AML speak to your account manager or call 0845 603 3000.