Equifax Ignite Direct
An advanced, cloud-based analytics environment for experienced teams.
Differentiated by data
Fast, easy access to a big data store with Equifax, third party and your own data in one place.
Full analytical life-cycle
Advanced analytics environment where analysts can rapidly create, iterate and productionise data models.
The best tools for the job
A range of market leading statistical and analytical tools including SAS, R, Python, Hive, H2O and more.
Flexible, efficient delivery
Cloud-based, scalable and flexible deployment gives analysts a comprehensive solution with minimal impact on your IT department.
Differentiated by data

Access raw, full population data from Equifax rather than summarised characteristics or small samples, and combine it with your own data and third party data within the Ignite Direct cloud environment to explore new opportunities, create new models and innovate intelligently.
According to Bain & Company,"Only 4% of companies truly master the alchemy of people, tools, data, and strategic focus needed" to take advantage of the profound potential of big data and analytics.Ignite Direct gives you the capability you need to use advanced analytics to intelligently inform your decision making, whether analysing risk, profiling customers or targeting a new market, Ignite Direct can support decision making throughout your customer life-cycle.
How the environment works

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Access data
Quickly access predictive and differentiated data
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Link data
Link data across multiple sources to show a complete picture of your customers
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Generate insights
Leverage machine learning and modelling automation
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Deploy insights
Move from analytics to prodction (A2P) faster
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Optimise decisions
Continually monitor, iterate and optimise your models

Benefits of Ignite Direct

  • Faster and easier access to big data
  • End-to-end analytics for faster time to revenue
  • Everything your analysts need, in one place for simplicity, security and data integrity
  • Supports iterative innovation for incremental uplifts with performance feedback loops
  • Advanced capability supporting Machine Learning and patented Explainable AI techniques
  • Access to, and support from, the data science community
Suited to companies that:
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Want to grow their analytical capability
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Are culturally data-driven
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Want the flexibility of a cloud-based analytical solution

How can it help?


Optimise your credit strategy to improve customer acquisition

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Make more responsible lending decisions with more accurate affordability assessments

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Create a single view of the customer to improve your customer management

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Treat customers fairly with improved collections and recoveries strategies

View use case >>

Reduce fraud with Machine Learning techniques

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