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Public Sector Gateway
The most comprehensive online investigative solution in the market
Public Sector Gateway
The most comprehensive online investigative solution in the market
Takes an individual's last known address and helps you find where they currently live
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Find where an individual currently lives based on full, or partial, name and address data
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Assess how likely it is that an individual is living at their stated address
Supporting Central Government

We understand that the public sector can't always pick and choose their customers in the same way that private companies can. This necessitates a different approach to issues such as eligibility, identity, fraud, error and debt. We offer a range of configurable solutions, tailored to your requirements, or we can work with you to develop a solution specifically for your needs.

Data Insights - Prevention versus Rectification

Application Assessment
Deploying Equifax’s data verification and application assessment tools for Central Government, at the earliest point in the process, i.e. at the application stage, can offer huge cost benefit. This is because it not only identifies and prevents fraud at the outset, but it avoids the administrative overheads needed to manage a false / inaccurate application and the costs associated to trying to recover any overpayment or otherwise rectify the issue.

Verification at the application stage will improve your data accuracy as incomplete data can be validated and appended. An applicant’s address and that they are resident there can be easily verified. Similarly, presence of additional occupants can be identified as part of the initial application assessment.

In addition, data retrieved as part of the processing, can be used to derive a profile of the applicant, which can influence and enhance your communication and relationship with the individual and thus improve the individual’s experience when interacting with you.

A financial assessment of the individual can help support means testing and eligibility, based on their financial situation.  Identity verification may also be included as part of the processing to ensure a false identity or multiple identities are not being used. In conjunction with this a pin or password could be issued to support on-line interaction.

Equifax also recognises that incorrect data can have an impact on a variety of operations and processes and may lead to an incorrect communication or generate additional workload for you.

Detecting changes in circumstance
As well as making an assessment at point of application, it's important to constantly assess applicants to determine if their situation has or is likely to change – which would alter their eligibility.

The monitoring solutions Equifax provide help to ensure that your data is accurate and up to date. This is important in supporting both operational efficiency and any ongoing processes being deployed.

There may be occasions when you require a detailed view of the individual citizen. Equifax Public Sector Gateway is a single delivery mechanism which provides a range of investigative reports – each tailored to your exact requirements and specifically designed for your particular use of the data. These can be delivered on a case by case basis, or by bulk processing of batches – leading to the profiling and segmentation of all of your customers to help ensure you prioritise your resource on cases most likely to return the most valuable results.

Trace and Collection
Where a debt is identified, Equifax can help you ensure you follow the most efficient trace and collect process, with the aim of maximising rate of recovery, based on your available resource. By helping to:

  • Cleanse your data – deduplicating records and appending missing information
  • Confirm residency – tracing the individual to identify both their current and historic residences
  • Provide contact information – including address, telephone numbers and email addresses
  • Profile individuals – includes identifying propensity to pay and ability to pay
  • Segment groups – to identify those cases that will pay with no action, those that require gentle action and those that require firm action