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Single Person Discount
Provides the risk associated with an individual’s claim for Single Person Discount on their Council Tax
Public Sector Gateway
The most comprehensive online investigative solution in the market
Equifax Identity Verifier
The market leader in ID verification and authentication
Tenancy Verification
How much could social tenancy fraud be costing you?
Fighting fraud and reducing error

The National Fraud Authority Annual Fraud Indicator shows that the total loss from Local Government fraud is £2.1 billion a year.

The multi-agency strategic plan Fighting Fraud Together states, ‘…the costs of fraud cannot be measured solely in terms of monetary loss. The effects permeate throughout society.'
In order to combat fraud, regardless of the type, you need an accurate understanding of the individual who is applying for a service, and of their personal circumstances. This is where we can help.

By combining our extensive data assets with our proven data matching and analytical techniques, we can help you assess the level of risk you face from fraud.

We can help you to spot:

  • Living together fraud - by identifying when other individuals living at a given address invalidates entitlement of benefits

  • Identity fraud – by verifying that the identity exists and that the individual is the true owner of the identity

  • Council tax fraud – by identifying when other individuals living at a given address invalidate claims for a Single Person Discount

  • Data manipulation fraud (and error) – by highlighting inconsistencies between the details an individual provides and those thought to be correct

  • Collusion and organised fraud – by identifying multiple applications for benefits or services from individuals using the same or similar details.

  • Housing tenancy fraud, Blue Badge scheme abuse, false applications for school places and more – by confirming whether an individual really resides at the address they provide

Then, when a potential fraud is identified, we can provide you with access to comprehensive data on the individual – presented in a user-friendly format – to help you investigate further.