Product Overview

Through the Equifax Debt Management report you can access a variety of data sources which together provide a wealth of insight to help you better assess an individual’s ability and propensity to repay debt. 

Up to three addresses can be included in the one report and, thanks to the clear and intuitive way in which it is presented, the Equifax Debt Management report can help you determine whether they have the financial means to pay the monies owed.

This enables you to devise appropriate recovery strategies, optimise the use of your resources, and make informed decisions when engaged with the individual in debt negotiation.

The Equifax Debt Management report includes a wealth of data and insight. For example:

  • A ‘Recovery Score’ providing a single assessment of how likely it is that the monies owed can be recovered
  • Full electoral roll, court and insolvency data
  • Financial account data such as mortgages, personal loans, short term loans, bank accounts
  • Utilities account data
  • Links to other addresses for the individual
  • Other names for the individual, including aliases, attributable names and transposed names
  • Financial associate data
  • Property valuation data
  • Director match data / details of directors at the postcode
  • 'High risk’ indicators such as matches to mortality data, sanctions data and CIFAS data