Product Overview

Equifax Bank Account Verifier is a comprehensive and versatile service that quickly verifies a customer’s identity and confirms whether the bank account details provided are correct and valid.

This can help you to streamline processes and improve your customer journey.

Equifax Bank Account Verifier can help you to avoid mistakes when setting up direct debits, reduce associated costs and increase sales.

The user simply provides the name, date of birth, address, bank account number and sort code. This is then compared to the details provided by the banks themselves to see if they match. It can be used in store, in call centres or via the internet.

Equifax Bank Account Verifier uses linked addresses, allowing us to perform bank account checks by using current and previous address data. In addition, we can uncover previous linked addresses which may be associated with instances of fraud.

This means you can verify individuals and match them to their bank account, even if they haven’t notified their bank of a change in address.

If a match isn’t made, the returned characteristics will indicate why and how it can be rectified by identifying potential anomalies. This means, once rectified, you can continue to take payment with confidence.

Finally, granular match levels that provide details on what has and hasn’t been matched. This can help you make the best decision based on partial matches rather than reject those without an absolute match.

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