Up-to-date information to help investigations

According to the Home Office, organised crime alone costs the UK between £20 billion and £40 billion a year.

The investigation of criminal cases requires up-to-date information and being able to spot and follow connections between data items and individuals. With our extensive data assets and proven data matching techniques, that's Equifax strength.

Why choose Equifax?

Equifax data has assisted in a wide variety of criminal investigations including fraud, money laundering, organised crime, economic crime, and major crime.

We can help you progress investigations by providing a comprehensive picture of an individual’s:

  • Aliases

  • Known associates – family members, spouses, cohabiters and financial associates

  • Past and present residences – we can even provide indications of new addresses

  • Commercial interests – directorships, limited companies, non-limited businesses, assets and financial data held by the business or the individual

  • Financial data and other assets - including those that might be recovered under the Proceeds of Crime Act