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Assess an individual’s ability and propensity to repay monies owed
Supporting local government

By combining our extensive data assets with our proven data matching and analytical techniques, we can help you assess eligibility, fraud and better manage your collections strategies.

Assess eligibility
It's not easy task to ensure that everyone receives the public services they're entitled to.
There were 1.37 million households on local authority waiting lists on April 2014*. The cost to local authorities of providing temporary housing to homeless families is significant.  

We can help you to tackle figures like these, to the benefit of your organisation and individuals living within your local authority boundary.


Fight fraud
The National Fraud Authority Annual Fraud Indicator** shows that the total loss from Local Government fraud is £2.1 billion a year.

As the multi-agency strategic plan ‘Fighting Fraud Together states’, “…the costs of fraud cannot be measured solely in terms of monetary loss. The effects permeate throughout society.”

In order to combat fraud, regardless of the type, you need an accurate understanding of the individual who is applying for or already receiving a service, and of their personal circumstances. We can help.


Manage collections
Recover what you're owed so you can maximise the budget available to spend on the provision of public services.  

Council Tax debt, benefit overpayments, parking fines, former tenant arrears, rechargeable repairs and other outstanding payments can add up to a significant amount of outstanding debt – which can make all the difference to your spending plans.

Implemented individually, or combined into a more comprehensive solution, our wide range of services can help you close the gap between budgeted and actual income from your debtors.


* DCLG Local authority housing statistics: year ending March 2014
** Annual Fraud Indicator June 2013