Product Overview

The Pre-Investigation Report provides access to comprehensive data relating to an individual, and their personal and financial circumstances.

Invoked under the provisions of the Data Protection Act or other relevant legislation, this report provides access to detailed information that will help you to progress your investigations.

The variety of data sources accessed by the Pre-Investigation Report and the fact that up to three addresses can be included in the one report, provide valuable information with which to further your investigations. It does so whilst actually omitting some of the more ‘sensitive’ data that might be considered disproportionate to the need, such as bank account balance data.

The data provided by the Pre-Investigation Report, and the clear and intuitive way in which it is presented, will help you to confirm where the individual lives, who they are associated with, and what their financial status is.

This can provide you with sufficient evidence to take appropriate action. Furthermore, data such as new names and / or addresses for the individual, or details of their associations, can provide information with which to extend your investigation by making additional searches on internal or external databases.

The report provides data regarding the individual, and their personal and financial details, including:

  • Full electoral roll data
  • Court and insolvency data
  • Financial account data, e.g. mortgages, personal loans, payday loans, bank accounts etc.
  • Utilities account data
  • Previous search data
  • Links to other addresses for the individual
  • Other names for the individual, including aliases and attributable names
  • Financial associate data
  • Other residents at the address
  • Date of birth data
  • Telephone number data
  • Property valuation data
  • Director match data / details of directors at the postcode
  • Details of businesses at the postcode
  • ‘High risk’ indicators such as matches to mortality data, sanctions data and CIFAS data
  • Notices of correction / discharge data
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