Product Overview

The Single Person Discount report looks at a range of data, including the individual’s current residency at the address, mortality data and details of other individuals who may be living at the address.

It's a comprehensive report providing a risk assessment of the individual’s eligibility for a Council Tax reduction, and information to justify our assessment.

This includes:

  • Overall level of risk
  • Evidence of the individual’s current residency at the address, e.g. matches to electoral roll data, court and insolvency data, account data and ‘previous search’ data
  • ‘High risk’ indicators, e.g. matches to mortality data and any links to more recent addresses for the individual
  • Evidence of any undisclosed occupants also living at the address and their connection with the claimant

It's a simple matter for an individual to claim a discount on their Council Tax simply by stating that they live alone. The Single Person Discount report addresses this issue by providing a risk assessment of an individual’s eligibility for a Single Person Discount on their Council Tax.

This enables you to focus your resources on investigating individuals that are considered to be ‘high risk’, whilst being confident that other individuals are rightly eligible for the discount they’re claiming.

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