Product Overview

Our Trace and Collect product helps you locate individuals and assess their financial status. It can help you to more accurately distinguish the ‘can’t pays’ from the ‘won’t pays’ and to develop a clear strategy for recovering outstanding debt.

The key to its success is not only through how Trace and Collect is used, but also knowing how to use the information and insight it provides to drive actions and resource assignment. We are happy to discuss this with you to make sure Trace and Collect brings you the results you’re looking for.

Given the right contact information, the collectability assessment is made to determine the ease of debt collection. Depending on the complexity of the solution required, we can either keep it simple and use one of our highly predictive collections scores, or we can take a range of data to devise something specific for your organisation.

We will work with you to determine the most suitable approach and what characteristics and scores to use to optimise your collection strategies.

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