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Takes an individual's last known address and helps you find where they currently live
Public Sector Gateway
The most comprehensive online investigative solution in the market
List Residents
Confirm who currently resides or has previously lived at an address
Advanced Search
Find where an individual currently lives based on full, or partial, name and address data
Pre Investigation
Progress your investigations with insight into an individual and their circumstances
Increase the number of successful traces

Keep investigations moving by rapidly discovering likely addresses and contact details for relevant individuals.

We understand the pressure criminal investigators are under to provide timely, accurate information that moves investigations towards a successful prosecution. Whether that involves serving outstanding warrants or tracking down key witnesses, we can make your task considerably easier by narrowing down the relevant individuals' likely location.

Our comprehensive data assets and sophisticated searching techniques can help you to:

  • Trace an individual and determine the strength of evidence that they are resident at the address
  • Identify strong leads to follow when no new address can be found, including financial associates, co-residents, family members, and recent financial activity associated with the subject's name and date of birth
  • Find additional information relevant to the individual at the outset of the investigation.

Our cost-effective tracing services enable you to process a higher volume of cases and increase the number of successful traces, all with the same level of resources.