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Tenancy Verification
How much could social tenancy fraud be costing you?
Public Sector Gateway
The most comprehensive online investigative solution in the market
Single Person Discount
Provides the risk associated with an individual’s claim for Single Person Discount on their Council Tax
Identity Assurance Report
Are individuals really who they say they are?
Confirm eligibility

Ensuring everyone receives the public services they're entitled to is no easy task.

We can help you to tackle this challenge both to your benefit and to the benefit of individuals living in the UK and, where appropriate, overseas.

Our in-depth knowledge of individuals and their personal circumstances can help you ensure that the right service reaches the right person at the right time.

There were 1.37 million households on local authority waiting lists on April 2014*. The cost to local authorities of providing temporary housing to homeless families is significant.

We can help you:

  • Cleanse and enhance your existing databases so you can base decisions on the most up-to-data information

  • Assess whether an individual is eligible for a service, by confirming addresses, identifying maiden names and aliases, verifying identity etc

  • Monitor an individual's personal circumstances for changes that affect their eligibility, such as changes of address, financial status or mortality

  • Assess an individual's preferred methods of interaction and communication using behavioural models based on income, life stage, lifestyle, property value and other attributes.


* DCLG Local authority housing statistics: year ending March 2014