Safer Internet Day

The internet can be a useful tool, providing educational resources and entertainment to children. However, using the internet may also pose risks, which could lead children to age-inappropriate content, and even put them in touch with fraudsters and other people with malicious intentions. This is why it’s important that parents have the necessary controls in place to provide their children with a safer experience when surfing digitally.

Safer Internet Day aims to raise awareness of online issues and to empower young people, teachers and families to use the internet in a responsible, safe and positive way. It is held in February every year. As part of this day, Equifax is teaming up with youth charity Young Enterprise in a series of radio interviews to help parents understand the dangers that their children may face online, as well as how to prevent these. We’ve also made some resources available to support parent in protecting their children online:

  • Protecting your children online (infographic)
    View these tips on how to protect your children online.
  • 80% of UK parents oblivious to kids' social media activity
    We surveyed parents to find out what controls they have (and don’t have) in place to help protect their children on the Internet. Find out more here.
  • Online safety guide (e-book)
    For more information on staying safe online, including how to protect your financial information, your social media privacy, keeping your children safe online, and mobile device safety. Find out more.