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British Friendly

"Equifax Touchstone offers invaluable market insights helping us introduce even more innovative products."


“Equifax Touchstone played a key role in identifying opportunities that helped our sales teams enjoy a record year and moved Prudential up to one of the leading drawdown providers in the market”

Responsible Equity Release

Like many other organisations, Responsible Equity Relase, wanted better insight into their customer base to help improve marketing effectiveness, enhance customer experience, and increase bottom line profit.

River and Mercantile Asset Management

River and Mercantile Asset Management needed to broaden their third party distribution for existing and soon to be launched funds. This meant they needed high quality, up-to-date, accurate and focused prospect data on the intermediated fund sales market in the UK so they could improve their targeting.

Seneca IM

“I’ve always found the Equifax Touchstone team to be professional, insightful and easy to deal with. Having a partner we can really trust and rely on is of huge value to us.”


Having worked with Equifax for some time, Zopa took the opportunity to use Equifax Investor Profiles to really understand the types of customer (both lender and borrower) they have, and how those customer groups differ from each other.

The fruits of segmentation

Andy Marson, Products Leader, Equifax Touchstone, talks about the benefits of market segmentation to both organisations and their customers.