90% of large organisations suffered a form of security breach in 20151, with malicious attacks accounting for a third of data breaches2

How would you reassure your customers – and satisfy regulators – if your business experienced a data breach?

Equifax Protect

Equifax is ideally placed to help businesses if they experience a data breach. We have one of the largest sources of detailed consumer data in the UK.

Equifax Protect enables businesses to offer their customers and employees a range of tools so that they can react fast and take appropriate action to reduce the risk of fraud.

Meet regulation and mitigate risk

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) can fine organisations up to £500k today and as much as 4% of annual global turnover once the new EU General Data Protection Regulation comes in to effect.

Providing identity monitoring solutions to affected individuals, such as those provided by Equifax, has been noted as a mitigating factor by the ICO in prior penalty rulings.

Fast set-up, comprehensive support

We know responding fast is essential. Our service can be set up within three business days and includes template communications to help you contact affected customers or employees with the right message.

For end-users we provide support 7 days a week3 by phone, online help and FAQs, with victims of fraud specialists on hand should the individual need them.

Swift access to their credit information will help individuals check if they have already been targeted by fraudsters. On-going monitoring tools will alert them to key changes to their credit information, which could be another sign of fraud. We can also tell consumers if their personal information is found on known fraud sites.

Detailed information to spot fraudulent credit accounts

Unlimited access to monitor:

  • Credit agreements including balances
  • Searches for new credit applications
  • Linked addresses that may not be their current home

Alerts to respond to new threats, quickly

  • Automatic alerts of new credit accounts, credit searches performed and other key changes to their Equifax Credit Report
  • Optional monitoring of websites where personal information is known to be exchanged and traded by fraudsters

Understand and take action against social media risks

Our tools enable individuals to search around 100 social media sites for public information about themselves, understand the fraud risk associated with it and where to take action.

Find out more today

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Identity theft and data breach whitepaper

Almost three quarters (73%) of GB adults4 online think that companies should tell them that they have experienced a data breach and 63% would expect to be notified of a breach within hours. Read our whitepaper to learn more.

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(1) HM Government: 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey
(2) Beazley Breach Insights 2016
(3) Excluding 25th/26th December
(4) 2037 individuals, surveyed 17th-20th June 2016, weighted and representative of all GB adults (aged 18+)