Infographic: Are smart gadgets putting you at risk of identity theft?

You might have noticed that more and more of the devices we buy for our homes are becoming ‘smart’. Smartphones, smart TVs, smart thermostats, smart fridges and even smart blenders. What ‘smart’ actually means in this case is that the device has the ability to communicate with other devices or to go online and connect remotely.

This enables these gadgets to download updated software, to send us notifications on our phones and to be controlled even when you’re out of the house. It also means that they suffer from the same weaknesses as other internet-enabled technology. They can be hacked, broken or leak data to fraudsters, in the same way as a PC or laptop could, potentially leading to identity theft and fraud.

The infographic below examines different smart technologies around the home and their potential impact on identity theft protection. These include tips on how to protect your home from data theft.

Smart home gadgets and their potential security risks

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