Understanding your Credit Report

It's important to understand your credit report and how it can help you get credit. Your Equifax Credit Report™ gives you clear, easy-to-understand advice for each item on your credit report and its possible impact on your ability to obtain credit.

We make it easy to understand what aspects the lender uses to make a credit decision, helping you get that credit or loan you want. And checking your credit report regularly is one of the best ways to protect yourself from identity fraud.

*Then only £9.95 per month to continue if you don't cancel within your 30 day free trial.

Speed up your purchase

We'd like to make your Equifax purchase as quick and easy as possible. We'll be asking you some questions to match against our records to prove you are who you say you are. It would help us if you have some of your financial information to hand, such as your:

  • mortgage details
  • credit and store cards
  • mobile phones
  • leases etc.

Customer Testimonial

"If you’re not very good at managing your finances... it’s definitely the way to go…"
- Kimberly