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Identity protection


Identify theft is becoming a fast-growing problem but there are ways to protect yourself and your family. Here's some useful guides on staying safe online and how to recognise the signs of identity theft.

Introduction to identity theft and how to prevent it

What is identity theft and what are the tell-tale signs to look out for if you think you've been a victim? Here's some guidance on identity theft and keeping your details safe.

Identity theft and staying safe on your computer

You're safe at home - but is your home computer safe? Here's how to safeguard your online life when you're browsing the internet at home.

Protecting your identity using online banking

Online banking is an easy way to make payments and transfer money. Here are some useful articles on how to help protect your online identity.

Avoiding identity theft on your mobile

Identity theft using mobile phones is continuing to rise. Here is how to stay safe while you're browsing on the move.

Keeping your family safe online

Vulnerable people are at risk of being scammed if they're not aware of the dangers of identity theft. Younger children and the elderly may be most at risk - here's how to protect them online.

Identity theft and social media

Could your social media profiles be giving away more than you think? Thieves can scour social media sites for personal information - here's how to keep yours hidden and your details safe.

Scam avoidance

Online scammers are coming up with increasingly-clever ways to trick you into revealing your details. Here are some easy ways to spot what is genuine and what to watch out for.

Everyday practical tips to help you stay safe online

There are ways you can protect yourself online. Here are some simple ways to keep your identity safe while you live your life to the full.

The different types of identity theft

Not all identity theft tactics are created equally. Here are just some of the different types of identity theft and the varying ways thieves try to get hold of your private information.


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