EFX.AI: Driving AI Innovation
Patented AI Technology and Analytics

As a global data, analytics, and technology company, we are committed to driving ongoing Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation for the benefit of the businesses and consumers we serve in 24 countries around the world.  Our more than 1,000 analytics professionals anticipate the evolving challenges that our customers and consumers face.


Equifax inventors

Many of our experts have patented their ideas, helping drive Equifax products and solutions forward so that our customers can get to insights faster and provide value to consumers.


AI-related patents issued

Whether it is for innovation, internal development or operational improvement, Equifax uses AI Systems in a transparent, trustworthy, fair, explainable, and secure manner, to provide benefits to consumers and customers. Our AI and machine learning (ML) patent portfolio centers on the creation of models for decisioning as well as fraud prevention use cases. We employ prescriptive AI, deep analytics and innovative ML techniques to help our customers grow their businesses and to help consumers move forward faster, while also meeting strict compliance and regulatory requirements.

Explainable AI is critical in ensuring that the correct data used to make credit decisions is surfaced by AI models and scores. Equifax has approved or submitted patents for explainable AI techniques such as neural networks, gradient boosted machines and random forests.

Equifax led the way towards an industry standard for explainable AI

Introducing the first machine learning credit scoring system with the ability to generate logical and actionable reason codes for the consumer.