Supporting the insurance sector

In today’s online domain, we understand the importance of attracting and retaining the right customers.

Competitive advantage can be achieved by using relevant and timely data to help improve loss ratios and profitability by:

  • Improving  pricing models to enable more accurate premium setting
  • Decreasing the cost of fraud
  • Attracting and retaining the optimal customer mix
  • Maximising  cross-sell opportunities

We can help you to create the best pricing models to acquire and retain high lifetime value customers, better protect against the risk of – and reduce the cost of – fraud and increase the accuracy of assessing legitimate claim history, a person’s propensity to claim and to better identify fraudulent claims by removing the reliance on self-declaration.

Admiral chose Equifax due to its high availability and the rapid on-line response of its bespoke insurance offering, allowing us to be competitive in the on-line channels. The flexible approach Equifax had to our requirements made it the only choice. We operate in a highly competitive market and the quality of Equifax’s data gives us the competitive edge we need.” Rhodri Charles, UK Pricing Manager, Admiral

As a nominated supplier of CUE data, we have developed a dynamic database that removes the reliance on self-declaration by the proposer. Our CUE database is constantly updated with key changes on consumers which allow insurers/brokers to access the most up to date claim information:

  • Over 8 million alias names held within the CUE database.
  • Over 80 million linked addresses to the CUE database
  • Commercial matching algorithm for CUE that enables commercial entities to be found
  • Multiple name matching enabling searches for multiple names at the same address within one search.

Our data and predictive analytics can help you gain the competitive edge by improving pricing models and enabling accurate premium setting, decreasing the cost of fraud, and attracting and retaining the optimal customer mix.