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Years of experience and in-depth data helps you make the best decisions about your customers and meet regulatory requirements
Supporting The Banking And Financial Services Sector

By delivering insight into the financial situation of consumers and businesses who apply for loans we can help you lend more responsibly, better manage risk, reduce losses from bad debt and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

“Equifax data proved more powerful than any other source we tested.”
Chief Risk Officer, Nationwide Building Society

Across the customer lifecycle we can provide insight to help you make better decisions from customer acquisition, through management to debt collection strategies. We believe we are perfectly placed to help you find the best prospective customers for your business and choose how best to market to them. We will help you analyze your prospect data and prioritize those individuals most likely needs. This can focus your resources on those most likely to deliver tangible return on investment on your marketing spend.

You can also make your application process faster and simpler for new customers as well as improve your business's protection from fraud and bad debt. Innovative new products will also help you assess new customers' current and likely future financial stability. This can not only help you verify identities in real-time to mitigate potential fraud but also ensure you rapidly and accurately make decisions,  on who to do business with.

We work closely with many of our clients to better understand the challenges and requirements of increasing regulatory compliance requirements. We  know that the best starting point for an accurate affordability assessment is an accurate view of income. We also know that income can be as individual as the consumer under consideration as their circumstances differ.

To meet the income verification  challenge, we use a process that takes an inclusive view of current income. Equifax Income Verification exclusively uses the best source of data – the consumer’s current account. This provides insight into the sufficiency, consistency and stability of the personal current account turnover, relevant to the consumer’s income. 

Featured Products and Solutions
Indebtedness and Income Score
A powerful new score for today’s credit decisions
Property Insights
Intelligence and insight into your customers’ residential circumstances

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