Delivering dynamic consumer marketing data for your campaigns

Equifax Automotive Solutions

Providing expert insight and innovation to the automotive market

Equifax Bank Account Verifier

Comprehensive and versatile confirmation of identity and bank account details

Equifax BusinessConnect

One powerful solution providing a single customer view. Cloud technology enables business process improvement, cross-functional collaboration and a better customer experience.

Equifax Business Insights

Provides a holistic view of your business customers

Equifax Claim Insight

Superior consumer intelligence for your competitive advantage

Equifax Commercial Checks

Our commercial packages offer an unrivalled set of data assets that enable you to screen and monitor customers, safeguarding your business against hidden risk and fraud

Equifax Commercial Checks - overview

Business intelligence to support commercial decisions

Equifax Device Verifier

Market-leading device recognition and reputation solution

Equifax Document Verifier

On-board new customers quickly and securely using real-time online ID verification.

Equifax Fraud Protector

A configurable and flexible rules-based fraud prevention solution based on National SIRA, the UK’s most comprehensive national fraud consortium database

Equifax Household Composition

Equifax Household Composition combines our extensive data assets to create a view of residents at a property, including children. It can provide accurate and actionable insights on which to build a successful marketing strategy.

Equifax Identity Verifier

The market leader in ID verification and authentication

Equifax Income Verification

The best starting point for an accurate affordability assessment is an accurate view of income.

Equifax Insurance Insights

Superior consumer intelligence for your competitive advantage

Equifax InterConnect

Centralises and automates your business processes

Equifax Market View

Equifax Market View is a powerful intelligence tool that delivers insights through anonymous, monthly snap shots of credit data, specifically chosen for trending market analysis, benchmarking and research purposes.

Equifax Progressive Authentication - Retail

Equifax Progressive Authentication allows you to do more business with genuine customers and screen out fraudsters

Equifax Property Insights

Equifax Property Insights can help you "know" your customers by understanding how they live. It can assist in credit risk and affordability assessments, lead to improved decision-making and help you to lend more responsibly.

Equifax Recovery Insights

Providing unique insight into a customer’s default payment behaviour

Equifax Utilities

Providing insight and solutions into the Utilities market

Equifax Watchlist Check

Equifax Watchlist Check offers worldwide Sanctions, PEPs and additional alert data screening to help mitigate financial and reputational risk.

InterConnect - Attribute Navigator

Attribute Navigator supports the development of customised attributes for more precise decisions to help drive customer acquisition.

InterConnect - Model Integration Tool

Model Integration Tool improves speed-to-market by allowing the rapid integration, audit and creation of customised models and scorecards.

InterConnect - Rules Editor

Rules Editor empowers the easy creation, editing, testing and deployment of rules policies.

Locate - Brochure

Providing a quick and flexible way to trace debtors

Locate - sample report

Carry out individual searches quickly and conveniently online. View the sample report here.

Utilities Solutions

Expert insight and solutions for the Utilities market