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Report: Making ends meet: Who is paying the price?
This report draws on a unique mix of data to ask: What’s really happening to the ...
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Digital customer engagement: A new era in consumer debt
By streamlining debt resolution through digital channels and AI-driven data inte ...
Equifax Indebtedness Score
Our Indebtedness Score can help you understand the true impact of debt, relative ...
Automated Collections Intelligence
In today's fast-paced financial landscape, organizations face significant challe ...
Daily Alerts
Equifax Daily Alerts monitors your customers on a daily basis and alerts when th ...
Transforming Collections and Recoveries for a Brighter Financial Future
Introducing our Digital Customer Engagement Solution – a game-changer in debt re ...
Transaction Vulnerability Indicators
Our Transaction Vulnerability Indicators utilise transaction data accessed via o ...
A dedicated solution designed for promoting responsible gambling practice and mi ...
Watchlist Check Brochure from Equifax
Worldwide screening against sanctions and politically exposed persons.
De-risking highly regulated industries
Some sectors make better targets for fraud than others.
Case Studies
Everyday Loans Open Banking Case Study
Download our Case Study to discover how Everyday Loans implemented Open Banking ...
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How Open Banking is transforming lending and credit risk. An industry whitepaper.
Discover how Open Banking is transforming lending and credit risk in our latest ...