Prevent Payment Fraud

Ensure good customers receive a frictionless and personalised experience, so you can accept more ‘good’ orders while preventing fraud and chargeback losses
Prevent Payment Fraud and Reduce Chargeback Costs

As digital consumerism continues to rise, so does the pressure on merchants to ensure a seamless online experience while also preventing fraud losses. With our solutions, we can help merchants combat fraud at every step of the payment journey. 

Whether it is stopping criminal fraud in its tracks at point of payment, mitigating against friendly fraud and/or recovering funds post payment, we know our customers need to tackle fraud so they can focus on making money, not losing it. 

We also know that the introduction of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requires merchants to work even harder to ensure seamless online checkout experience, and reduce the risk of purchases being declined or abandoned. Merchants must work with technology and card suppliers to help protect customers from online fraud as per the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules.

Stop Fraud with an End-to-End Fraud Solution

Equifax, powered by Kount solutions, steps in at every point of the payment journey providing solutions to help merchants reduce digital threat and combat criminal fraud pre-authorisation and reduce chargebacks post-authorisation.
Our solutions are designed to help ensure good customers receive frictionless and personalised experiences online, so merchants can accept more ‘good’ orders whilst preventing fraud losses. We help merchants reduce digital threats and combat criminal fraud pre-authorisation and reduce chargebacks post-authorisation, while also maintaining PSD2 compliance and a seamless payment journey to their customers. 

With Equifax, you can:

  • Automate payment transaction decisions based on specific trust levels and policies

  • Block new account fraud and takeover

  • Reduce digital payments fraud

  • Provide a Transactional Risk Analysis exemption solution

  • Inform future fraud prevention strategy

  • Pay only when your disputes are unsuccessful

Featured Products
Dispute and Chargeback Management
Stop chargebacks, save sales and reduce future fraud
Kount Control
Account takeover fraud protection that positively impacts customer experience
Kount Command
eCommerce Digital Fraud Prevention that increases revenue

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