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Richard F. Smith

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Rick Smith has been chairman and chief executive officer of Equifax Inc. since 2005. Headquartered in Atlanta, Equifax is a $3.14 billion global company (NYSE: EFX) focused on driving growth through a talented and innovative team that delivers new products and solutions for customers around the globe.

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Dann Adams

President, Global Consumer Solutions

Dann Adams leads the Equifax Global Consumer Solutions business, which provides credit monitoring and identity management services and other direct-to-consumer solutions and services across the U.S., the UK and Canada.

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Paulino do Rego Barros, Jr.

President, U.S. Information Solutions

Paulino Barros leads the company’s U.S. Information Solutions (USIS) business, which includes U.S.-based services that provide businesses with consumer and commercial information and insights.

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Andy Bodea

Chief Global Operations Officer

Andy Bodea is the chief global operations officer of Equifax, where he has responsibility for strategic revenue growth initiatives, M&A integration, direct-to-consumer solution sales, account management, data and more.

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Jeff Dodge

Senior Vice President, Investor Relations

Jeff Dodge is senior vice president of investor relations for Equifax and is responsible for managing the company's relationship with Wall Street analysts and investors.

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John W. Gamble, Jr.

Corporate Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

John Gamble is the chief financial officer of Equifax and is responsible for all financial functions including corporate finance, investor relations, accounting, audit, tax and treasury.

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John Hartman

President, International

John Hartman leads the company’s international operations, with responsibility for businesses in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Canada. He also oversees the ongoing expansion efforts into emerging markets.

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John J. Kelley III

Corporate Vice President, Chief Legal Officer

J. Kelley joined Equifax as chief legal officer and corporate vice president in 2013. He has responsibility for legal services, global sourcing, security and compliance, government and legislative relations and more.

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Joseph M. Loughran III

Chief Marketing Officer

Trey Loughran is the chief marketing officer and leads all core global marketing functions including product management and innovation, data and analytics, brand, communications, pricing and strategic marketing.

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Rodolfo O. Ploder

President, Workforce Solutions

Rudy Ploder leads the company’s Workforce Solutions business, which is a leading provider of human resource, compliance, analytics and verification services.

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Coretha M. Rushing

Chief Human Resources Officer

Coretha Rushing serves as chief human resources officer. She has global responsibilities for the human resources center of excellence that includes community affairs, human resources operations and more.

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Steven Stripe


In 2015, Steven Stripe joined the Equifax senior leadership team as senior vice president of corporate development responsible for mergers and acquisitions.

UK Leadership

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David Webb

Chief Information Officer

Dave Webb is chief information officer for Equifax, where he is responsible for leading a global team of IT professionals in delivering the technology strategy as well as support for the company's innovative solutions.

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Patricio Remon

President, Europe

As managing director for Europe, UK and Ireland, Patricio has held a number of Equifax leadership roles, including General Manager of Peru and Ecuador and most recently spearheading initiatives in Spain and Portugal.

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John Garside

Vice President – HR Europe and TDX

John provides HR leadership to the core business units and operating functions as well as translating business strategy/objectives into HR initiatives, priorities and tactical plans.

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Neil Compton

Sales Director, Telco and Utilities

Joining Equifax in 2001, Neil Compton has responsibility for managing and developing Equifax business with the UK telecoms and utilities sectors, an area where Equifax has specialised for many years.

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Johanna Edwards

Sales Director, Enterprise, SME and Retail

Johanna is responsible for several sales verticals including Finance, Automotive, Debt, Utilities, Government, Alliances, Retail and SME. She has responsibility for setting and executing vertical strategies for growth.

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Jake Ranson

Sales Director, Banking, FI and Insurance

Jake is responsible for account management and business and proposition development for these key business sectors. He ensures that our innovation is aligned to customer demands and customer relationships management.

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Janice Rudd

Operations Director

Janice has over 25 years’ experience leading multi-disciplined Operations. She has been with Equifax for 19 years designing and implementing operational and service strategy focussed on our customers.

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Paul Birks

Chief Data and Analytics Officer

With more than 20 years experience across banking, retail, telecoms and mail order sectors, Paul brings to our clients unparalleled expertise across disciplines and familiarity with all available industry data sources.

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Stephen Denby

Director, Decision Strategy and Marketing

Having worked on both the client and supplier side of the industry for over 25 years, Steve joined Equifax in 2014 to build a client facing consultancy team focussed on ensuring the best possible solution for clients.

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Paul Moore

European Finance Director

Paul leads the finance and risk teams and is responsible for Europe strategy, forecast process, investment decisions, statutory reporting/US filing, and Sox compliance.

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Phillip Simpson

General Counsel

With over 15 years in house commercial legal experience, Phillip has developed the Legal and Compliance functions to meet the business’ increasing legal, regulatory and compliance requirements.

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Simon Warrington

CIO Europe

Simon specialises in business transformation, strategy development, growth and value generation, and business and IT integration through both old and new technologies.

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Steve Taylor

UK General Manager, Equifax Global Consumer Solutions

From a Senior Consultant in the Predictive Sciences team to becoming Product Strategy Director responsible for all Equifax UK business lines, Steve is responsible for alliances and Business Development.


Richard F. Smith

Chairman and CEO, Equifax Inc.

Robert D. Daleo

Retired Vice Chairman, Thomson Reuters

Walter W. Driver, Jr.

Chairman, Southeast, Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Mark L. Feidler


G. Thomas Hough

Retired Americas Vice Chair of Ernst & Young LLP

L. Phillip Humann


Robert D. Marcus

Non-Executive Chairman, Ocelot Partners Limited

Siri S. Marshall

Retired Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, General Mills, Inc.

John A. McKinley

CEO, SaferAging, Inc. and Co-Founder, LaunchBox Digital

Elane B. Stock

Retired Group President of Kimberly-Clark International

Mark B. Templeton


Committee Members

Audit Committee

Robert D. Daleo, Chair

G. Thomas Hough

John A. McKinley

Mark B. Templeton

Compensation, Human Resources & Management Succession Committee

Robert D. Marcus, Chair

Robert D. Daleo

L. Phillip Humann

Siri S. Marshall

Executive Committee

Mark L. Feidler, Chair *

Robert D. Daleo

Robert D. Marcus

Siri S. Marshall

John A. McKinley


* Presiding Director

Governance Committee

Siri S. Marshall, Chair

Walter W. Driver, Jr.

Mark L. Feidler

Robert D. Marcus

Technology Committee

John A. McKinley, Chair

Mark L. Feidler

G. Thomas Hough

Elane B. Stock

Mark B. Templeton